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A List specifically created for all characters originating from Black and White (games, anime, manga).
All names here are Official, just like on the Incomplete List. Just try to use a prefix found here. :3 You will be denied.

The name Four-chan, and why she is not being called "White" (for the time being):
B&W's girl is the fifth generation's heroine.
She is also the sixth girl overall in the games.
If she replaced Dawn (as is wont to happen), she will be Ash's fourth female companion.
The name Four-chan came from the Ash/newgirl thread, where a name for the 'ship is being coined. That's where the precedence comes from.

Once more is known about the game, she and Black-kun will be given their civilian names. "Black-kun" and "Four-chan" are simply placeholder names for the characters at large, for we don't know if the Girl is going to pull a May (Sapphire) or Dawn (Platinum). That is why "White" is not being used. Dawn had this problem with "Pearl". We're more wary, here.

UPDATE: Sept 23.10
Black-kun is now known as Touya, and "Black-kun" will no longer be the name found on this list.
Four-chan is now known as Touko, and "Four-chan" will also no longer be the name found here.
We thank you for the patience of putting up with the aliases until this point.
UPDATE: Jan 26.11
With the revealing of some English names, it's usually policy that the list will continue to use the Japanese names--with the exception of the base starters--until the update after the American release of the games. This is simply in case something changes between now and the release. It's only another, what, five weeks until Black & White? You will live.

UPDATE: Mar 25.11

English names are in place. That means the future of this page is coming soon to an end. During the next update, the removal of every name BUT the "Newest" will happen. It would usually be after that, this page would no longer exist, right along with the Lyra page. However, the addition of polling has all but saved this page from full deletion. Polls will continue to be posted as they are needed.

BW is not HGSS; 200 characters, pokémon and human alike, were introduced to us, and not simply the five of HGSS. It stands to say this page may exist for longer than the Lyra one did, and the polls may migrate elsewhere. We'll see what happens.

UPDATE: May 20.11

Well, so much for wanting to stick with the elimination of the totality. Anyway, categories have been elimination instead. It's not like you guys don't know the English names by now. There's little need to be cute, anymore. But since BW still remains infinitely popular in this neck of the woods (I expected nothing less), again with the "We'll see."

UPDATE: May 29.11

So, tough executive decision, and I didn't make it lightly. I am resigned to conclude that the name Conductorshipping will be applicable to the following two couples: Steve Stone/Elesa and Emmet/Elesa. This is all.

UPDATE: July 10.11

This page is now simply polls and future BW 'ships. All archived BW 'ships are now solely maintained on the alphabet lists. As handy and informative as it was, I find that its upkeep is taxing, considering that it's not a permanent feature.

Please also vote on the polls if you haven't already, even if they don't affect you at all. I don't close polls until they're over 100 votes in total. The slower people check their opinion, the slower results will be, especially for the people who are vested in the outcome. So please do vote, if you haven't.

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